VIVA Vs. Batelco

Cant help but enjoy what’s going on. First came Viva..the brand from across the sea and stormed Bahrain with some good offers. And when I checked, all their outdoor offers came without asterisks or in simple words, ‘terms and conditions’. But when I went to the store to check it out, behind all the offers were hidden terms and conditions. I felt a bit misled in the middle of all this. Anyway, their fame didn’t last too long. Out came Batelco with a very bold, and need I say very very good response. The offers from Batelco were bigger and better. No contest there. And what's more, they were upfront about their offers. But the fact is, offer vs. offer can go on back and forth, forever. What was so different and so unique about Batelco was that unlike Viva, there was no Batelco flag to hold, but our very own Bahrain flag. Our beloved red and white. Viva was surprised I’m sure. First time someone has taken them head on in the region.

Frankly, I was surprised too. Because Batelco has always been the quiet, behind the scenes kind of supporter of everything Bahrain is all about. Quite like Bahrain itself actually – a modest powerhouse. And according to me, this new announcement was all about just that – Bahrain. But I’ll be the first to admit, simply holding the flag doesn’t make you a patriot, it’s what you do. And Batelco is really been doing it all, without making so much as a whisper. In every part of society, they contribute. I’ve seen some of it with my own eyes in my college. From education programmes, to youth development, to healthcare, to international causes, to social upliftment, to sports and of course, taking Bahrain to the world. The guys at Batelco are doing a lot for us and our great country. And I guess, the satisfaction of doing it is enough, that’s why there’s no ad or hoarding shouting it out.

I believe that as a Bahraini, Batelco is not just my phone provider but a deep and important part of my society. I am a proud Batelco user. And today, even more so.